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We deliver Voice overs that make your project stand out! From eLearning narrations, corporate videos to commercials, we can help you reach your audience.

eLearning Narrations

Our Turnaround time is 24-72 hours. Our average turnaround time is 12 hours and our all-time record is 1 hour!


Synchronised Voice

Our Turnaround time is 72-144 hours. Our average turnaround time is 48 hours and our all-time record is 6 hours!

Audio Dubbing

Our Turnaround time is 72-144 hours. Our average turnaround time is 48 hours and our all-time record is 10 hours!

Satisfaction guarantee

Our objective is providing you with the best experience. if we fail to meet your expectation, we will re-record the whole script or part again.


We deliver many formats and the voice over rights belong solely to the client.
Our prices include your sole right on the audio and your script .

Quality Assurance

100% of the delivered audio files are manually reviewed by our quality experts. We do not use any tool or artificial intelligence to review audio files.

Voice Over FAQ

How can we help you recording Voice

Tell us about your Project, Language, Voice Type, Projected Recording Time, and we will promptly share you with six Voice Demos to chose from.

Share your audio script  for a final costing.

You can select the voice actor yourself or we can choose for you. 

The pricing is language and specialist dependant. All prices are different, as every individual has their specific rate. Once you select the voice over talent and share your audio script and further recording instructions; we can give you the specific rates. 

Synchronisation of voice over with the video to provided a harmonious experience for the customer. The specialist and voice over talent work together to accomplish a high standard of seamless audio-video synchronisation.

Conversion of a video into multiple languages through professional voice over talents.

Lip sync or lip synch (short for lip synchronization. In video production, lip-synching is often part of the postproduction phase. Dubbing foreign-language videos and making animated characters appear to speak both require elaborate lip-synching. Many video games make extensive use of lip-synched sound files to create an immersive environment in which on-screen characters appear to be speaking same way in multilingual enviorment.

In our recording facility at Greater Noida UP India,  Melbourne Australia.
We also use our partner’s facilities in California, Florida, Madrid, Bursa, and over 310 Voice Talent’s Home Studios.

We specialize in recording of voice over for eLearning courses, from simple narration to high-end dubbing and custom background music.
We help industry leaders cast and produce voice-overs for over 9 years. Unlike some voice talent agencies, we provide a complete production service, with two high-end vocal booths and expert production team on-site.