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We provide services in over 85 languages to global clients. ellvo provides a broad range of elearning, localization, translation, video and voice over services. enhance designs with the element of surprise

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Professionals from eLearning, Language and Digital media Industry came together to form ellvo. These key personnel helped many eLearning companies to convert their entire content to 85 Languages. We realised it was time to create a new kind of blended services – one that could manage complex projects and provide unmatched service to ever lasting relationships and produce tangible results that justify ROI and best value for money to our customers.

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eLearning Development

We deliver cutting-edge multilingual development for projects of all descriptions, eLearning, ILT, WBT and many more.

Multilingual Voice Over

We are known for our multilingual voice recording, dubbing and lip-syncing, synchronised recording, post recording editing, multimedia integration in 51 languages by world renowned voice actors.

Multiple task Solutions

We perform multiple tasks and bring in outstanding ideas to every project and build everlasting relationships.

Translation & Localization.

We convert your content source into 85 + Languages


We shoot edit dub & create multilingual Videos ready to go..

Content Mapping & QA

We specilaise in content mapping and Language QA.

Biswarup Mukherjee

Service Delivery Leader

S Mukherjee

Instructional Design Leader and Director

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